karen pittaway

Places & People

Over the past few years I have been kept so busy with images of Kenilworth and Cambridge that I've had little time to venture into new territories. However, Market Harborough is a town conveniently placed between Kenilworth and Cambridge, so I have managed to complete several paintings of this pretty little market town. I have also been commissioned to do some work in the South West and the Bristol painting is inspired by the memories of a couple who met whilst studying at Bristol University. Likewise, Rugby School held strong memories for another couple who met after their time there. He went on to become a professional rugby player.

I like to paint stories, although prefer not to explain them unless asked. I like the idea that people invent their own stories whilst gazing at the image. I often paint funny little incidents or private jokes, which keep me amused!

My plan is to spread my wings... to get out of my studio and seek new places and happenings... watch this space!