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Artist, specialising in oil paintings of towns, historic buildings, human activity. Grew up in Cambridge, went to London University, moved to Kenilworth in 1984

The joy of oil pastels

By karen, Nov 21 2017 08:19AM

Earlier this year I was asked to do a large piece based on an old stone wall. It was suggested the image should be abstract in nature. I liked this commission and was excited to start.

To avoid being too literal in my preliminary sketches I worked in oil pastel. For an oil painter oil pastel has similar properties, there is a solidity about it and you can scrape into it and create textures. I enjoy this kind of sketching, it is physical and absorbing.

The results were pleasing although I only used them as a way into the subject matter. They have been sold to the same client and will be framed and hung as works of art in their own right. I was reluctant to let them go if I'm honest.

The final work, an oil painting I have called 'Wall', came about after further sketching and experimenting. It was a lot of fun to paint, with layering, splattering, dripping and palette knife tecniques all being employed.

The painting is now hanging in the client's house. It was an enjoyable and challenging change of style from my usual commissions and I relished the opportunity to try something different.

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Ivy 2
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