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Artist, specialising in oil paintings of towns, historic buildings, human activity. Grew up in Cambridge, went to London University, moved to Kenilworth in 1984

May Ball at Clare College

By karen, Jul 10 2017 02:31PM

This is a recent commission, a present for a Clare College alumni. My aim was to capture a memory of the happy, carefree days which follow end of year exams. A week of parties and May Balls commonly known as May Week in Cambridge (and therefore always falling in June!).

I have been to such balls in my youth and was able to plunder my own memories as well as work with ideas provided by the client. Personal memories help enormously when working out my imaginary scenarios within their rather stylised settings. The setting is always a representation of place, which is faithful in essence but is taken from a rather unusual perspective... composition and the overall tapestry of form and colour being of greater importance than any attempt at photographic accuracy.

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