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Major surgery required!

By karen, May 20 2016 06:27AM

Major surgery required!

The joiners have arrived to fix up my studio... yippee! At least that was my first reaction, now I am feeling anxious as the rotten timbers are cut away and the extent of the decay is revealed (along with some small worms and some truly enormous slugs!). One corner is being propped up to stop the building collapsing completely whilst the essential repairs are undertaken. I am trying to keep the faith but my studio no longer looks the lovely inviting space it did only yesterday, it now looks like what it really is... a sadly neglected building requiring a lot more than some cosmetic tweaking from me.

I have asked my very nice joiners to perform life saving surgery and they have promised to try, although I think I may also have promised to do a dog portrait for one of them in a blatant attempt at bribery and coercion... I have very limited funds to work with!

To add to my troubles the weather forecast this week is for heavy showers and thunderstorms! I am beginning to regret my rather hasty decision to install a new carpet prior to the work being completed... never ask an artist to project manage anything! Imaginative flair and hopeless optimism are not the kind of practical qualities that will guarantee success in a building project it seems.

I wrote this entry in a state of high anxiety and forgot to publish it. But I am glad to say my studio is looking nice again. A bit patched up and 'shabby chic' but mostly water tight and solid enough not to worry about the roof collapsing in on me!

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