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Artist, specialising in oil paintings of towns, historic buildings, human activity. Grew up in Cambridge, went to London University, moved to Kenilworth in 1984

Dog portrait

By karen, Sep 6 2018 08:45AM

I was asked recently if I would do a portrait of a beloved dog who has been through the wars. I am busy with large commissions at the moment and would normally say no... but in this case I found myself agreeing to do it. I had an idea it might help me with my current painting project if I stood back from it for a while... concentrated on something completely different. And I think it worked! I enjoyed painting Brenna and have managed to resolve some of the issues I was having with the wedding painting, my current commission, which is moving along nicely now.

Busily peopled paintings can scramble the brain. Brenna made me feel calm... who couldn't love that perky expression?

'Brenna' is a painting in oil on canvas. 16 x 20".

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