karen pittaway

Karen grew up in Newnham, Cambridge, and she attributes her love of historic buildings to growing up in such a rarefied environment. She relishes the scale and proportion of earlier buildings so seldom found in modern construction, and she particularly loves the extraordinary details – sometimes bizarre creative flourishes - found embellishing even the most humble of dwellings. History seeps from the fabric of these buildings, they have a life force, they are almost organic, and for Karen they are characters as much as the people who inhabit her pictures.




Karen has a joint honours degree in Art and English Literature from London University. On leaving University, where she was awarded top honours for her final exhibition, Karen set up a gallery in Warwick.

She ran this for fifteen years while her young family were growing up. She continued to paint throughout this period, mostly commissions for animal portraits and also a number of paintings in the style of the great masters, which proved very popular.

But the tie of running a gallery and a picture framing business became increasingly frustrating, especially as other more interesting projects started to come her way.


This came to a head when she was asked to do a number of murals in commercial premises around the country. Karen finally made the decision to become a full time artist in 2002 and has never looked back. She is constantly busy with commissions and many of her paintings are now available as limited or open edition prints and cards.


Karen's preferred medium is oil on canvas, but she loves pastel and pencil drawing, in fact she’ll work in anything if it seems right for the subject matter.

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