karen pittaway


I grew up in Cambridge and so it is an easy subject matter for me to get excited about. I paint the images which appeal and for which I have fond memories, and I try to fill them with texture and detail taken from memory and numerous photographs and sketches. Many of the characters and incidents are real, although again taken from memory... a memory which is perhaps not entirely reliable!

Cambridge seems such a sunny place to me, it certainly enjoys lower than average rainfall, but I love the changing East Anglian skies and like to paint dark and threatening wintry weather too.

The Market Square is my Christmas painting, and within it can be found three wise men, three shepherds, Mary, Joseph, a choir, a donkey, a star in the North, an angel... Father Christmas of course. I had a lot of fun with this one! But each painting is filled with small incidents and accidents, lovers, workers, scholars, mischief makers, incompetent punters and people going about their everyday business... oh, and bikes!

All images below are available as prints and cards from The Lawson Gallery, Cambridge, or by contacting me through this website.