karen pittaway

Animals & Houses

As an animal lover it is inevitable that I would sketch and paint both domestic and wild animals, whether as commissions or just for the love of it. To look into the eyes (windows to the soul) and capture the nature of each individual creature is thrilling... animals display their characters so endearingly.

Please contact me to discuss commissions. I can work from life or good quality photographs. All the ones shown here are painted in oil on canvas but I also love to do pencil sketches. Tiny paintings, just 5 x 7 inches are also an option and can be quite comical (see 'Walter small' and 'Dot versus the bee').

House portraits are another thing I love to do. Sometimes they are grand buildings, often they are small terraced houses that have deep sentimental significance to their occupants (first homes for example). I take the house and show it in its surroundings, as if it were a stand-alone property. I don't do this to elevate the status of the property, but to fill the painting with as much imagery from the location as possible, to make it deeply personal to the family living there and fill it with their memories.

I like painting stories...